Sunday, 30 August 2009


It's been a lucky few days for us!

On Sunday, we went to the local RSL club for dinner with Mark and Anita. An RSL club is on paper, like an old drinking mans pub - cheap booze, cheap food and pensioners... in reality, RSL clubs in Australia are great! There is cheap food (a roast dinner any day of the week for about £5), and cheap beer. There are also lots of old people. There are also lots of young families and couples. It is basically set up for gambling and major sporting events - lots of slot machines and big screens! I can't really describe it - you kinda have to see it to believe it.
Anyway, every weekend, they have a raffle. The prizes are the most random things... you can come away with a basket full of grocery shopping! Last time we went, Mark won a tray of meat that kept them well fed for a week!
This week was my lucky week! I won... wait for it... 2 casserole dishes!!The funniest thing was walking through the RSL club with this massive package! Obviously, I made Sham carry it!!

Our winning streak continued on Monday. ArsePool United (the name is the result of the boys being allowed to name the team during a drunken night out!)The boys, who managed to not win a single game last season, pulled off a miracle this season and won the league! Helen and I went to watch the last game (on the promise of drinks at the pub after!) It was actually quite good fun! The highlight was Chris' excitment and pride at winning - and so he should be - he did a great job as manager of this odd squad! (Marco, Naz and Paul missing!)


Monday, 24 August 2009

A bit of an RE lesson for you!

Thats for all the jains out there!

For the non-jain readers of my blog, yesterday was the end of a religious phase of 8 days. During the 8 days, practising jains meditate and either fast (completely - no food!) or try and eat a simpler diet without garlic, potatoes etc...
Every year Shams dad tries to make Sham not eat meat for this 8 days... sorry dad, he didnt manage it again!

At the end of the 8 days we all say the phrase above to eachother. It basically means we are asking for forgiveness if we have offended, hurt or upset you.

This year, we have a few family members that did fast. Congrats Bhavin... hope your new wife was supportive!

If anyone wants to know a bit more, good old wiki is the best place I have found!

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