Saturday, 30 January 2010

January 2010- fancy dress, music festivals and films!

Saying bye to Nikki was easier than other good byes since we have been here... not cos we don't miss Nik's crazy energy, but cos we know we are going to see her and the rest of the Londoners soon!!! Yep - we are coming home!! We will be home for 3 weeks in March and April and are so looking forward to seeing everyone!

So, January, the month that is usually one for detoxing and saving money, has been no such thing for us!

We had a big girls night out to celebrate Kim's 35th birthday...80s themed!
So we all spent hours drinking vodka, crimping hair and applying over the top make up in Kim's hotel room before we hit the cheesiest night spot in Sydney - Retro!

The place is a dive, with sticky floors and plastic cups, but it really is the funnest place in the world for an 80's night out! I honestly cannot remember the last time I woke up after a night out with legs this sore from dancing!!

The fun of this night out started with the shopping trip - Helen and I were like kids in a candy shop in the jewelry shop!

While everyone in the UK has been dealing with minus temperatures and snow, we have been dealing with crazy heat! We felt it most at Big Day Out - a music festival that was a bit like a giant fair ground! We managed to stay cool thanks to the best invention ever - a battery operated fan that also sprayed water!

Sham and I danced our arses off at the DJ stand where they played lots of old - school dance mixes... Sham was threatening to go "raving" when we come home... now I have warned him we are in our 30's, but no doubt there will be a few of our friends at home that are in as much denial as Sham!!
I am not convinced that I am cut out for festivals... but that might have been more about the 40 degree heat!

Summer in Sydney is the season for outdoor films - a few of the parks and beaches show both classic and current films and we have been taking advantage of it! Sham and I went to see Top Gun and I went to see Grease with the girls. By far the most spectacular venue though is the cinema at the Botanical gardens.

This one sells out within about an hour of the tickets being released. Luckily for me, the lovely Sarina bought up lots of tickets for various sessions as soon as they were released. So off we went to watch The Time Travellers Wife. Unfortunately, summer in Sydney means that there is always a fair chance of rain - on this particular evening, we got a storm!

We got drenched! The good news is, the rain stooped just in time for the film to start - so we were pleased to have sat it out.

So, as you can see, 2010 has started on a high for us! We are really looking forward to seeing all the Londoners in March and even more excited about Mr and Mrs Gavriel visiting us in a few weeks!

Bye for now
Kunj x

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Firstly, Happy New Year everyone!
We have spoken to some of you this week, but if we haven't caught up yet, we will soon!

There is not much to tell you about our new years eve... we had a bbq at Helen and Chris' (who are not by the way EVER allowed to move cos this is the view from their balcony!)

I am going to have to let the pics speak for themselves!

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