Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Football fever!

Well, watching World Cup games at 4.30am certainly seems to have more disadvantages than advantages!
We watched the England v USA game at Cheers bar in the city. With about 200 England fans, 30-odd Americans had no hope of out chanting us - even with the 10 random Scottish guys who were there just to annoy the English!! Here is a video that Julia took of the rowdy behaviour (look out for my boob shot at the end!).
The following week was the first of my meat raffle wins at our regular Tuesday pub quiz night (I have won the meat tray two more times since!) So we had a few people over for a bbq and then headed over to Darling harbour to FanFest to watch the Socceroos v Ghana... ok so that didn't end particularly well for the Aussies, but it was a great atmosphere anyway!

Its been a real struggle to watch games as the earliest ones were 12.30 and some were 4am! I guess thats the silver lining to England's RUBBISH World Cup!
So Londoners, fear not, assuming England qualify for Euro 2012, we will try and be home to watch it there rather than here!

Bye for now
Kunj x

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