Sunday, 18 July 2010

Stuff..., really, I mean stuff!!

When we came home earlier in the year, between work, meeting people for meals, coffees and drinks, and shopping, we also managed to pack up most of our remaining belongings to get them sent here. We didn't actually do the packing ourselves- thank god! We used a shipping company that offered a full service - this meant it took 3 guys about an hour and a half to pack about 20 boxes/ parcels including our old sofas!

When the stuff arrived, nearly 3 months later, we had forgotten what we had sent - so it felt like Christmas had come early! At this end it took 2 guys less than an hour to unpack everything... its taking a bit longer to get stuff put away though!!
A lot of the stuff we sent over was homeware - a lot of kitchenware to be honest!

By the way, this isn't a strangely taken picture... one of the delivery men was a GIANT!

This picture is especially for my mum and my aunty as I know it will make them proud of me!

Although we have been calling Sydney home for a while now, having all our stuff here is another step towards this being permanent!

Bye for now

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