Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A birthday treat worth waiting for!

I am not really into celebrating my birthday... it may surprise you to know I don't like being the centre of attention!
But this year, Hels' promised me cake! It took us three months to co ordinate diaries to get it booked in, but MAN did I get cake!!!
Those reading this outside of Australia may not appreciate it as much, but I think you will still be impressed by the idea.

Adriano Zumbo is a bit of a dessert king here. And his newest venture is a "Dessert Train" concept that is to die for!

Take a sushi train, and replace the sushi with the most amazing desserts you can think of! Add in two chocoholics and what you have is heaven for two girls that are lucky to have not gone into a sugar-induced coma after having 3 desserts between them!

My favourite was the V8 Diesel - goodness that is flourless chocolate, chocolate crunch, burnt chocolate brulee, choc macaron, choc jelly, choc creamaux and choc chantilly... all assembled into one rich, delicious cake.

Just incase there is ANY question in your mind about how we felt after sharing three desserts between two of us, let me assure you, we felt SICK!! It was an amazing treat that I could probably only cope once a year with... se better get booked in for next year Hels!!

Bye for now
Kunj x

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