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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Ok winter has arrived in Sydney!

I think I might have to take down the temp comparison thing from my blog soon, cos its no longer having the desired effect of making people at home jealous!
In fairness though, it is still only jumper weather... as long as it has a hood! The rain here is mad! Its been bucketing it down all week, although it looks like blue skies today...

I hope the weather holds up, cos we have a girlie brunch on the beach planned tomorrow while some of the boys are playing golf - Sham is so excited about using the new golf clubs that my friend Fiona and her hubby gave him for his birthday!

Speaking of Shams birthday, thanks everyone for the messages/ cards you have sent this week - its made us miss you guys a bit less knowing that you haven't forgotten us!

I have managed to do lots of catching up with people at home this week - am finally using Skype properly and have a few slots left for next week... so let me know if you have time for a chat!!

bye for now!

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